[Ecademy interviews] Getting all cosy and social. Meet William Buist.

If you haven't yet come across William Buist, you probably aren't on Ecademy much. But if you haven't already met him face to face, spend some time with him. He has established a number of successful enterprises based around collaborating and using social media - and he's got an enviable track record of helping people win more business.yourBusinessChannel has produced a number of shows with William, recorded as part of a series of interviews with Ecademy Blackstars. I gave William some extra time in front of the camera, as he's never short of something intelligent to say. So there are a handful of shows in the playlist below.

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This interview is one of 16 I conducted late last year with fellow Ecademists.  Please take a moment to look at more of them - you'll find the full list here.
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