[Ecademy interviews] Not what I expected at all. Meet them all …

Last November, I interviewed 16 fellow Ecademists. I wanted to put together a video about each of them, to share on Ecademy, to "give back" to the community.One year and twenty two days later, here I am, posting all the interviews. I had intended to do this three or four months after the interivews, and over a three week period, but I didn't, and I don't want to delay any longer. Apologies to those involved that this project had to slip down my priority list: I've had a great year, but a challenging mixture of a growing business and some personal diversions, plus a very young family to focus on. So I've just had to let "extra" projects like this slip.My hope is that those of you who watch these will get benefit. If you know these people already, I hope you get extra insight or perspective. If you've not met them, I hope it helps you understand them and how they might be relevant to you. For all of them, I hope it means that some of you will "join the dots" and send some business their way.In any case, enjoy.

____________________________________________.Mark Sinclair, Founder, yourBusinessChannel
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