[Ecademy interviews] Tell your story, brilliantly. Meet Sue Richardson.

I have known Sue Richardson for some time now, and every time I meet her I am struck by two things. A. her genuine nature. And B. her thorough knowledge of publishing. It's great to see her carving out a profitable niche market, helping people publish books about themselves and their businesses.The book as the marketing tool is a popular approach, but what sets Sue apart is her ability to help people find the nuggets that make a good story, and then turn that into a book that engages people. She is truly a safe pair of hands.In our interview Sue talked a lot about the kinds of books she's got in the pipeline and you can watch the final show below. If you're thinking about doing an ebook, maybe Sue could help you turn it into something truly special? This interview is one of 16 I conducted late last year with fellow Ecademists.  Please take a moment to look at more of them - you'll find the full list here.

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