[Ecademy interviews] The business of friendship on Facebook. Meet Mick Say.

This blog is about someone who really gets Facebook as a tool for small business. His name is Mick Say and he runs the Online Marketing Academy in the UK.Most of us use Facebook to keep up with our friends and manage personal relationships. But every day I meet people who think they should be able to use Facebook's enormous reach for business purposes, but who are unsure how to combine "friendship" with business. Mick is a developer who's worked with many an SME to establish what he calls "a mini website" for them inside Facebook.Since completing this interview, I've shared a conference platform with him and also worked on small projects together. Mick is a great guy with his heart firmly in the right place. He is ethical, hard working and has a decent sense of humour. If you don't know him, you should take some time to get to know him. This interview is one of 16 I conducted late last year with fellow Ecademists.  Please take a moment to look at more of them - you'll find the full list here.

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