Ecademy's 3 Points of Difference ... (why do people join and stay)

There are three reasons I think Ecademy still stands out as being incredibly valuable:1. When I post a blog on Ecademy I get 100 views and 2-3 comments in the first 48 hours - This is great for testing my ideas, getting feedback and gaining some exposure quickly. I also love having a record of what I've been thinking about over the years (it was very helpful when writing my book).2. When I Google my name/company name Ecademy is front page - With a 13 year history on the web and a site built with SEO in mind, it's hard to beat Ecademy for jumping up the rankings. 3. I'm part of a community on Ecademy - Ecademy is a supportive community of entrepreneurial people. I've never found that on any other site to the same extent. LinkedIn is for people who have/want a job but Ecademy is for people who are out creating a job! It's good to share ideas with other people like that because it's not always easy. What do you think? Are these the main reasons you're part of Ecademy?