Ecademy Visionaries - Jo Berry & Martin Dewhurst

There comes a time when you just have to salute some of the work that our wonderful Ecademy colleagues are doing. The ones who are doing something big for all of us, for the whole of humanity.While many of us are doing great work in our own niches, there are some of you who are unafraid of having a vision bigger than anything I could ever imagine. Of standing up to a world full of war, poverty and inequality and pushing for something so much better.And yet these people are so humble that they don't self-promote much, they don't blow their own trumpets, they're working away for the greater good without all the bells and whistles.Stand up Jo Berry and Martin Dewhurst. In a month where the spotlight is on London, leading up to a celebration of beating personal bests, and achieving individual dreams, I'd like to salute those who work at winning for all of us.Maybe when you both started, these things were mere dreams are visions. But day by day, we see your efforts translating into concrete and real change. Every time you achieve, I feel proud to know you, proud that Ecademy attracts these workers for humanity.It takes the most courage of all to fight from a place of humility. And yet I see you doing it. I can only hope that one day I have the courage to do the same.Ecademy is richer for people like Jo and Martin - we are all richer for people like Jo and Martin. I am also proud of the people on Ecademy who have kindly responded to requests for support for these great missions.Penny Power, Georgina Lester and Mike Seagall are some of the people who I know have given freely of their time, knowledge and support to help these great workers in forwarding their causes for peace and humanity. I am sure there are many others. And I salute you, too.Ecademy, together we can.Beth BurgessLife & Recovery Coach -- NLP Practitioner -- Mind MentorSort My Life Solutions"Whatever you need to move on from, I can get you moving forward."