One of the things that has been intriguing me for the last three years is what makes people change and truly adopt the internet in its full glory. In other words what allows people to become open random supportive in their everyday life both at home and at work.So I went ahead and studied Managers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders to see if there was a difference in their behaviour. What I discovered was a surprise to me.There are ORS Managers.There are ORS Leaders.There are ORS Entrepreneurs.A further surprise to me was:There are CSC Managers.There are CSC Leaders.There are CSC Entrepreneurs.So online acceptance is not do with type of behaviour Manager, Leader, Entrepreneur. Online acceptance is to do with mental state at that time and this varies:Being Open not Closed.Being Random not Selective.Being Supportive not Controlling.Now I needed help to devise a questionnaire to determine percentage levels of:Open versus ClosedRandom versus SelectiveSupportive versus ControllingEach of these percentages needed classifying against whether someone was a manager, a leader or an entrepreneur and their percentage levels too. Lastly I needed to determine someone's risk profile or at least their stance on risk. Risk profile and appetite (the internet is risky) varies based on ones personal financial health regardless of their business or company position i.e. big successful company but going through a divorce.What I needed was a mathematician dressed as a business coach. I found Darren Shirlaw. May I encourage you to read Darren's first two blogs - Reconnecting Your Business Vision and Income Follows AssetsDarren and I worked together with his team and Penny and we devised a three step profiling process we call ELMORS Risk Model.In 2012 we are bringing this approach to market and want to work with people who are used to working with Boards of Directors over long periods. If this is you please make a comment here and drop me a note on thomas.power@ecademy.comFor those of you unfamiliar with CSC and ORS the video is here: