Emails Generic Fast, Simple, Easy -

Emails Fast Simple & EasyWith the maze of service providers offering customers emails one can become quite confused just what their email address is. Then when you think you have got it, you change service provider & get a new email address - not only is this messy, it can be very costly in losing contacts.Generic email address have a unique advantage -(1) They are easy for customers & business to remember -(2) They are great to promote in advertising on TV, Radio & Print -(3) They display well on business cards, stationary & vehicles -Displaying & setting out generic email address has advantages e.g. take this generic directory for emails - - this is a unique email address ideal for promotion & the person that has this address is the only one in the world with it - This is not only unique, I believe that top generic directory emails will have good resale value -Happy emailing -Gene Real Estate