Empire Avenue vs. Ecademy which is best?

Empire Avenue vs. Ecademy which is best?I have been asked several times which I prefer - Empire Avenue or Ecademy - I am also asked which is best between the two.My answer is simple - there is no competition - because the two do not compete - Empire Avenue and Ecademy are two different kettles of fish (love to mix my metaphors)...To finally put the question to bed - if I could only be a member of a single network at the expense of all others then I would stick with Ecademy.Ecademy was my first love when it comes to social and business networking, yes I am a member of - hundreds of other networks but I only really participate in a few - and I always come home to EcademyMick Say's Empire Avenue Profile (e)MICKSAYMy top 5 favourite networks in order of importance are:1. Twitter2. Ecademy3. FaceBook4. Empire Avenue5. LinkedIn Which are your top 5 in order of importance ? Please only stick to five - Thanks - Mick
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