Entrepreneurs who stand out.... Andrew Horder @TheBusyFool

A long-standing BlackStar member, Andrew has been in my network for almost 9 years and has been part of the many changes Ecademy has gone through in that time. The founder and driving source behind the popular 'Old School' BlackStar Days, Andrew embodies what the BlackStar philosophy is all about. He's also no stranger to sharing his skills and knowledge in his contributions to the Ecademy community as a whole - You can read and comment on Andrew's many valuable blogs here >No stranger to being busy, Andrew used to be a busy fool - running about like a lunatic, trying to do everything at once, keeping all the plates spinning for all the different projects he was getting himself involved in. And getting nowhere very fast! He used that experience to develop a set of methods to bring clarity to his world, and to help him to get some traction in achieving the things that were really right for him. He set up The Busy Fool and now helps other business owners to focus on what's really important to them, and to find ways to help them get to their objectives using a combination of hard analysis tools and NLP coaching.Andrew has always highlighted the importance of focus, and with a history of key account management has informed and enlightened me about the things that matter when dealing with clients. Add to that his support and help in organising and running BlackStar days for the benefit of the community he's shown through action that what you do changes what you get. Andrew is currently learning to play his saxophones; his great ambition is to get a paying gig at Smollensky's on the Strand in London under his playing name of Brew Horber (a long story, which he's only willing to share over a beer). ;)Andrew is another valuable addition to my #EcadOlympics team.William BuistFollow me >