Evolve or Die - Taking the next big leap

Or Carry on and Wither AwayHave you ever wondered why that best friend of yours moved on from you and become a hugely successful multi-millionaire? Or maybe how some people seem to come from nowhere and become the CEO of an incredibly successful global firm?It is because they evolve.These people are, quite simply, different from ordinary folk. They see things in different ways. They never let the dust settle under their feet or stand still. They are always looking to learn and grow their knowledge across all sorts of sectors, regardless if it has got anythingto do with what they are doing right now.They basically never stop asking questions and weighing up whatthings mean to them.Over the years I have met many enormously successful business people from Steve Ridgway, the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, to Stellios Hajiloannou, the EasyJet founder, to hotel entrepreneur Rocco Forte, and they all have these characteristics in common.What is perhaps most striking, is they all have knowledge way beyond the scope of their corebusinesses and an intellectual curiosity to constantly learn even more.You cannot help but surmise that if you want to build a multi-million pound empire you cannot do so by being insular. You have to be constantly aware of what is going on around you in your business, the economy and the world.You have to keep asking questions and then relate the information back to your core business to make better, more impact-full, decisions.Evolving means change and change is good. Adapting to times and economic factors means that a business can push boundaries once again and lose the staleness that eventually happens once you hit a 3 year, 5 year and 10 year milestone.Evolve - Develop over successive generations as a result of natural selectionTake this blog and challenge your business every step of the way and always remember its not all about the money bu tit helps growth.Lyndon