Exciting New Announcement - Ecademy Global Ltd @lyndonx

Please welcome Lyndon Wood as the new Chairman of Ecademy.Penny and I are delighted to announce the arrival of Lyndon Wood as the new owner and Chairman of Ecademy from 3.30pm GMT this afternoon.Lyndon has a wealth of business experience and has built a UK Top 100 Insurance broker which he founded at the age of 19 back in august 1990. Moorhouse Group, Constructaquote.com, Xbroker.com, Moorlife, L & S Investments are some of his business interests. Please see Lyndon's profile for a lot more information and to do him justice. You can also follow Lyndon on Twitter @lyndonxLyndon is and has committed to investing in Ecademy and building a new platform for release in early 2013.We will be working together to put together a manifesto to share with you all so you can see the pace and the future of Ecademy which is really exciting for us all.Please write to Lyndon and welcome him to this wonderful global community. Lyndon is open to any suggestions you wish to make.I would also like to thank Anna Figiel and William Buist for all they have done behind the scenes to support this effort.We would dearly and sincerely like to thank Daniel Priestley, Jeremy Harbour and Marcus Ubl for everything they have done for Ecademy since September 2011. They performed the role of a lifesaver and this will never be forgotten by Penny and me.Thank you all in this place for the support, love and belief you have given Ecademy during its darkest hour. Brighter days are here and plenty more to come for us all to benefit from each other.Penny will continue in her role as brand ambassador spreading the word on the importance of social digital.From today I will take up the role of CEO and welcome your support in this endeavour.Further press release will be shared with you over the next week.