Facebook Page: Video Application Not Installed!

Facebook Page: Video Application Not Installed!

Hi All,I had been managing a few Facebook pages lately and had a very good experience running them, but in DeveloperMan Facebook Page (Link: http://facebook.com/DeveloperMan), while I'm able to upload and record videos from the wall:

I found the native "Video" application not installed in the page?!! The same situation in Al-Adham page too (Link: http://facebook.com/aladhamweb).

Managing 6 active pages, 2 pages doesn't have the Facebook native "Video" application installed, as a result, I'm not able to add a video box or tab, for fans to easily find the videos I upload! And as soon as the page wall get updated the videos will gradually disappear from the page, with the stream of updates!!The obvious solutions would be simply adding the "Video" application to the page, as I add any other application, but so far I haven't found a way to add that specific application to these couple of pages and currently searching for a solution. The application page forward to: http://www.facebook.com/video/ where there is no way to add the application to the pages

I have an observations that might have something to do with the problem, but not pretty sure.When we create a page on Facebook, we're asked to chose a category for the page, the applications installed on the page by default will be different according to the category, beside the available fields to fill in the info tab.

I'm in search for the ideal solution to go about the problem currently. Do you have any idea how should I go about that?Anyway, I'll conduct more research and keep you posted, at the mean time, feel free to subscribe via RSS, Email or joining DeveloperMan Page to keep yourself updated ;)Thanks- AbdoSharing Link: http://developerman.com/n8s9wgOriginally Posted at: http://developerman.com/facebook-page-missing-video-application-tab-box/
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