Facebook Twitter LinkedIn must merge to survive G+

Facewitin has to come together to beat the Google Plus onslaught. Never have I seen such a system of power networking and matchmaking to rival G+. The other thing is Google are using stealth 99.99% haven't a clue it's even there.What's terrifying is that this is Plus Google not just Google Plus. Every component of Google is being slowly squeezed into Plus. A 10,000 geek army is thinking Plus. More than the other three combined.Once the API releases in 2012 every community site will be able to put their spin on Google+Ecademy. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn will be faced with a critical decision do they or don't they plug in the API? If they do Google wins if they don't Google wins.Google is Coke.Facebook is Pepsi. For some it tastes better.Twitter is 7Up. Huge market share.LinkedIn is Dr Peppers. Liked by some.What will Microsoft Apple and Amazon do? All three have amazing Cloud strategies that require a social network front end. Excited to see what MS do with Skype. Nice move.Social Network + Cloud = Transactions galore.What a battle to live through and little chance that for the benefit of the planet and society these folks can work together. Is it a kill or be killed world? Does mankinds desire for the strongest DNA force endless rivalry. Could we unite all networks for the benefit of the 7 soon to be 10 billion. Imagine - John Lennon.