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Famous Last Words

I read this article in the Mail On Line about famous last words, An excellent piece, I particularly liked the bit about the general sat on his horse, said, words to the effect, don't worry about the enemy they couldn't hit an elephant at this range! And promptly fell off his horse shot dead! Mind you it could've been one of his own men that done it!The most memorable last words I remember! (If I'm allowed to say it like that) was from a fictitious character in one of Terry Pratchett's books, the witches were having a coven meeting, one said where's granny Org? Another said, oh she's dead didn't you know? Yes, she fell off the mountain, I heard her last words, Oh yes what were they? "Oh bugger". I suspect when our renowned and respected author Terry Pratchett leaves our world, meets the grim reaper, whom I'm sure he will have a lot to say to! I reckon he will end up in disk world, and very possibly his last words will be "Oh bugger". That's what I'd like to say if I get the chance!More Famous Last Words HERE!!!!I'm going to pick out the best one, memorise it, and hopefully say it, no chance of being done for plagiarism because there won't be anyone they can sue! Cheers TØny...