Finally! A break

I recently signed up to a Heavy Duty Machine Training course at the Vancouver Island University. I start November 3rd, the first 4 weeks is in class, the first competency is getting my Class A First Aid ticket, the other 7 I'm not sure of just yet, but know they are very valuable to have on my Resume and the job itself.After the 8 competencies are completed I start training on the Excavator. Should I get through this in 4 weeks I start training on a D-8 Cat, and with the help from above I will be certified to operate both machines.The unique thing about this training is I am guaranteed a job in a camp. The other unique thing is I will be trained to build highways, freeways, streets, logging roads, trench digging, and I will be able to Log as well with either machine.I ran an Excavator putting in pipeline in the early 1980s and loved it then so this is going to be awesome.Life is good and making real money, and very big money at that is going to change my life extensively.Cheers! And may prosperity knocks on your door, and God Bless