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Fix it ! Fix IT ! The BIG FIX ! The ecademy 2011 boost project . . . thank you Glenn, Julian and Thomas . . .

With the begin of June 2011 some big move appears on ecademy's horizon.Some indicators have been spotted already.What the community could witness over the past days . . . a move inside the board, an apology from the CTO, a generous offer by the chairman. Not that there's been none of it in the past . . . but the combination of it all . . . that seems like a BIG FIX !Former basic James McBrearty, the twittering taxman got his 1 year upgrade from basic to pn meanwhile.Former basic Angelika Davey got her 1 year upgrade from basic to pn meanwhile.As some of you, be that BS or PN, who experienced one of the cleverest guerilla tactics I've ever seen in network world through the massive mail invasion yesterday. As some of you will be able to respond here through comments trying to claim your upgrade for one year . . . Basic members cannot comment yet (unless there's been a change in that matter). But I will immediately install a placeholder comment and every basic member which claims to have received 1+ unsolicited upgrade voucher reminder yesterday may air their vote through liking the PLACEHOLDER commentOnwards & upwards. Watch this space as I will successively enlarge/update/edit this blog with more news.Update: Those who take advantage of their free upgrade will spread the word, take more or less use of the facilities and that way cause a higher exposure for ecademy.BUT . . . how will you revive the heart and soul of ecademy's former membership base such as steven healey ? I could imagine he won't become active for such mere reason as a year for free . . . for people like him it really needs a change in state of mind. And there I am sure someone is watching this space very close now ;-) Am I right or am I right, steven ?Have fun, Andreas Wiedow