floppy master class 30 , show yourself, broadcast,

dear all in our first book we told you that you need to show yourself repeat that lesson visibility lesson no 6 for yourself and show yourself be you we all forget that now we go further we teach another time about twitter for now broadcast people love moving things nowadays love events so broadcast there are many possibilities on the internet use them or create your own video use it to spread your message don't use complicated words speak easy tell your most important message don't do it to long be aware who is your public to create your story telll some tales for our tale listen toEveryone is invited to watch Floppy at The Essence of Aloha Show this Friday, July 23,2010 at 10AM CET.To log in, please click on the following link:http://tinychat.com/alohashow and you may enter the room through your facebok or twitter account.this tail tells his own tale a good week warmest regards floppy we do love if your buy our book you can find it herewww.floppyfaithfactory.com