Food labels and the case of a tuna can

I have never paid too much attention to food labels mainly because I tend to cook from scratch using fresh ingridientsand apart from being allergic to mosquito bites and other insect bitesI have no other allergies that I know of One of the foods that I love and cant' make from scratch is tinned tunait is handy for adding to salads especially this time of the yearI have a favourite brand but when I went to my local supermarket today it was sold out!I had to settle for a different brand and had to read the label to make sure that it was tuna in brine or spring water!To my amazement/amusement it had a large label in redthat said ALLERGY WARNING, CONTAINS FISH! ;-)I let out an involuntary laugh which puzzled othershoppers.Let's face it why would a can of tuna cause anyone to laugh in the middle of a supermarket aisle;-)Have you had a similar experience over a food label? Ethnic Supplies View my page on Business Fights Poverty >>