Forget Digital Coaching, is Digital Syllogomania the next big thing?

Are we not a nation of "hoarders" with lots of "stuff" in our attics, garages and cellars?Many people simply collect "stuff", keep "stuff" and hoard "stuff". Do you hoard "stuff"?Do you have a garage full of "stuff" collected over a number of years, all mentally catalogued in your mental filing system so you can astound your partner and find exactly what you're looking for each time you venture into the hoarding area?Some people can be obsessive about it, and some simply just hate throwing anything away.Syllogomania relates to obsessive or compulsive hoarding.Now let's put that in a "digital" context...When it comes to your PC, does it contain hundreds, if not thousands of word documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, music downloads etc?As part of your "research" do you or have you download research papers, white papers, ebooks and articles? I bet you've probably read, even downloaded hundreds or maybe thousands.What about music? Do you have hundreds of downloads from itunes or other digital download sites?Photographs? The odd party here, the family get togethers, special occasions, watching the kids growing up - before you know it - bang, you've got hundreds or even thousands of files all in one folder or various folders, and more probably not well catalogued or saved in any particular order.And even if they are - these folders may contain gigabytes of data, and more probably - lots of temporary files that simply haven't been deleted.All this digital hoarding must inevitably slow your PC down?Do you require all this data and information?What are you saving it for?Maybe it's time to spring clean your machine, and get rid of your excessive hoarding?Is there an opportunity for Digital Feng Shui consultants to bring harmony to your PC by charging for their time to "de clutter" your computer, and help bring order from the chaos in your "digital space"?Are you a digital hoarder? Do you have .pdfs and .docs that are several years old still on your machine?Do you want or need your machine to be "de cluttered"?Do you use some of the many tools and apps that help to "tidy" up your PC, clean your your "registry" or are you happy with your existing filing and storage system and the speed it takes to find and load things?Maybe you've got boxes of 3.5 inch floppy discs, CDs or DVDS? (all neatly hoarding backups from the late 90's and the turn of the millenium?Maybe you've got a shelf full of external hard drives?Perhaps you delete everything you don't need and your machine is in perfect order. (It's only when others use your machine and clutter your "desktop" and save files randomly on your hard disk, that you get annoyed.)With this thirst for knowledge, will mobile devices too become cluttered quickly as we consume vast amounts of rich media content, and taking photos at every opportunity with our phones?Is your PC, laptop, phone ready for its spring clean?;)Fraser

Fraser J. Hay

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