Freakishly Skinny Model Ioana Spangenberg Needs Help Not Encouragement!

Disturbing video of Ioana Spangenberg shown by Mail Online Models Direct has always been pro diversity when it comes to modelling. We stand for inclusivity, and we support models of all shapes and sizes in their ambitions to make it in the industry. However, there currently seems to be an increasing trend of taking this attitude to unhealthy extremes. When models who are clearly putting their health at risk are encouraged to continue doing just that in the name of beauty we believe there comes a point where you have to draw the line and say, out loud, that it's wrong.Despite claims that she eats as much as the average woman, disturbingly skinny model - Ioana Spangenberg - has a figure that should simply never be glamourised or implied to be a positive thing. Dubbed 'The human hourglass' this Romanian-born model has gained overnight fame as images of her emaciated frame circulate the internet. But with a waist of just 20 inches and weight of just 38kgs (6 stone) we find it impossible to believe that she is not damaging her health on a daily basis in order to maintain these statistics."No one seems to believe it, but every day I eat three big meals and I snack on chocolate and crisps all the time," she is quoted in The Sun. But she went on to contradict herself in a very telling way: "I just have a small stomach. It's a bit like having a natural gastric band - if I eat too much, I feel sick." These conflicting comments are obvious cause for concern but the contradiction has been ignored by press as they cash in on her shocking appearance.While it seems likely that Ioana is suffering from a psychological disorder - and therefore cannot be considered fully responsible for the negative impact that she could be having on others - those around her who are promoting this look have no such excuse. They're acting irresponsibly and certainly not in her best interests. The husband who has encouraged her to "celebrate" her current shape should be ashamed of himself. The truth is that this woman looks ill, not attractive, and to suggest otherwise is damaging and inexcusable and exploits women like her who really need someone to step in and help them to get well.Furthermore, by ignoring or glossing over the blatant ways in which this woman is damaging herself, both Ioana's husband and the press who have featured stories about her are setting a dangerous example to impressionable young people who are vulnerable to being influenced by such images in the media.If you're naturally slim while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle we understand how upsetting and unfair criticism of your weight can be, but this is something entirely different! Glamourising it is in extremely bad taste. The last time that staff at our modelling agency were this shocked was when an adult costume named 'Anna Rexia' cropped up on the internet back in September as some kind of sick Halloween joke.Whether dangerously overweight or dangerously underweight it is time we stopped pretending that the promotion of seriously unhealthy role models in the media is OK.
Suzy O'Connor, Operations Director, Models Direct
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Let me help you find a model, or perhaps you or someone you know is considering becoming a model
Let me help you find a model, or perhaps you or someone you know is considering becoming a model.