Get a ROI with your logo design

Get a ROI with your logo design

How do you know if your logo helped your business at all?  With big brands its an asset of value generating revenue itself.  As a small business its your foot into the door.  In either case, the effect of a logo is quite subliminal making it hard to measure in terms of an ROI.  Some say it’s a waste of time altogether.

You may have invested in a logo design and then thought “what do I do with it?”.  If that’s the case it may have been because you invested in “only” a logo design. 

For the idea of a logo, brand design or identity to be useful it needs to be utilised and expendable as an element.  Ideally it needs to be a leader of a whole set of visual elements for your business.

If you want to make an ROI with your logo design heres what to do:

1. Your logo should be the first thing you have designed.  Not the website, stationery or brochures but the logo itself because it will form the foundation for everything else to follow.

2. A logo alone is actually not that useful.  You’ll find yourself placing it on documents but unsure of what else to put with it.  To make an ROI it needs company.  When developing your logo create a “brand identity system” instead so you have a bunch of visual assets to use instead of just the logo.

3. To create the system, develop the use of typography for your business.  You’ll be surprised at how much text content you create as a business and how useful a dedicated font set will.

4. Look at the creation of additional identity elements to form a wider array of brand design for your business.  This may be in form of photos, shapes, colours or patterns.

All of the above will gel together to create a “brand identity system”.  That’s a useable system that can then be applied to everything from stationery and websites to livery and adverts to identify your business in a structured format.

This solution will create an ROI for your business as oppose to just the logo design because it acts as a “visual” business structure.  You’ll find that generating design documents will also be a lot easier saving you time and money on marketing.

Heres an mockup example of a brand identity system and below is a breif preview of real life mockup for a client.

Mockup Brand Identity System: Logo Design, Type & Colour & Visualisation

The Art Addition Client Mockup Brand Identity System, Logo Design, Type & Colour & Visualisation