Getting your point across

Because I wrote a book called Getting Your Point Across, I am often asked for techniques for doing that either from the platform or in meetings. Most people who ask are looking for a 1-2-3 formula that will win friends and influence people. I tell them it doesn't work like that.If you have a business proposition to put across, for example, it's not hard to prepare a presentation that contains all the benefits. But if you do not get the reaction or response you want, some vital ingredient is missing.Here's how to discover what that is. Ask yourself:1.What is the one thing that distinguishes you from your competitors?2.How does that define you?3.Is it the reason you are in business?4.What value does it add to your customers?5.What will it cost them NOT to accept your proposition?Write your answers on a small piece of paper. The right answers should give you a clear understanding of your purpose and the message that is worth hearing. Because it's not enough to know what you want to say. It's more important to know why the other person should bother to listen.Then it will be easy to get your point across.PKP===================================Phillip F. Khan-Panni MBA PSA FounderPKP CommunicatorsUK Business Speaker of the Year35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL, UKt: 0845 165 9240 m: 07768 696254e: phillip@pkpcommunicators.comw: www.phillipkhan-panni.comView my profile on LinkedIn: