Good bye desktop.. HELLO Cloud!

Today Spanish banking firm BBVA is taking its 110,000 staff off to use Google's range of cloud software.This is the biggest deal Google have ever signed for the use of its Cloud software. This is even bigger news coming from a bank as banks usually require such tight security, you would have thought this would have been one of the last sectors to embrace cloud.The bank will be using Google applications like email, calendar, docs, chat, video conferencing and other collaboration tools. This is a huge step towards a cloud based world. Cloud AdvantagesWhy bother having a dekstop and clog up memory... even at home now, I have set up my own cloud server where all my files get put onto, so I use very little memory on the Mac and PC itself. Access files anywhere... forget the old memory stick? left the files at home? not an issue on cloud.With this massive step by a big banking firm, how long until more blue chip organisations realise the potential of cloud and move into the sky?       Digital Business Britain Manifesto

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