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Green Shoots of Recovery...

I managed to get back out on my mountain bike this weekend for the first time since the devastating fires that raged over 200 hectares of Swinley Forest a few weeks ago. The trails where we normally go to ride were mostly unaffected but, curious to see for myself, I ventured further over towards Crowthorne where a lot of the damage had been done. What surprised me most was the way that new ferns and wild grasses had already started to grow back, poking through the blackened earth. It was an encouraging sight to see with obvious relevance to the recent economical climate and reflected in my own personal circumstances.As some of you know my wife Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer last August and since then has undergone a long course of chemo and radiotherapy. Fortunately she had her last radiotherapy session last week so now she can fully recover and get back to normal, knowing our lives won't be ruled by hospital appointments and long uncomfortable periods suffering the various side effects these treatment have. The most obvious, from an onlookers point of view, is her hair slowly but surely starting to grow back too.Needless to say we've experienced many tough emotions during this period, both as a family and as individuals but like to think we've all come out of it with positive thoughts for the future. Nature is a wonderful thing, lets hope we can follow suit and all prosper out of adversity. Here are a couple pics from my iPhone of the recovery at Swinley Forest (Helen said she'd rather wait till she's got a bit more coverage before I show her shoots of recovery...)