I have been here just 7 days and everyday I have been really harassed by several individuals who I have never known.These people have attacked me personally as well as Ecademy and not even done it in a professional critical manner. It has been constant repetitive behaviour.The owner of Last Thursday just today posted in my LinkedIn group that I have had for 3 years and personally threw phrases like "if you want help don't call me" in. Is this a network that people actually join with individuals like that. We're these people actually bullies at school is Last Thursday a club for bullies? I am sure it has things to offer but people like that exist in any network including this one I for one will not join or tolerate it on Ecademy no matter what the payment is.Imagine a complete stranger coming up to you in the street and starts abusing you, that's what it's like.No one deserves the grief I have got and still getting from these sort of people. It's so wrong and very worrying and not being funny I have a family and it's worrying.So, if you know them please tell them to stop I am collating it all and will use it for PR and send to all social networks were they exist.Let's keep the place clean and professional so we can all share in the success of social networking and media as a whole even them.Really no need for it.Thank you please pass the message on.Lyndon