He doesn't know you but he'll follow you

Because he is a juvenile spaniel with limited experience and capacity for informed decision making and you are a responsible person.SCENARIO 1Imagine you are "Couple A", walking your dogs on the heath with your partner. It's early evening and the light will soon fade. Coming towards you with their spaniel are Couple B. As you pass each other you exchange hellos and your dogs play with the spaniel, who follows you. Couple B call their spaniel several times and continue walking in their original direction. You turn a corner, Couple B are now out of sight but still calling and whistling for their dog who remains with you.What do you do next?SCENARIO 2You are Couple B. You say hello to Couple A as they pass you and watch your spaniel play with their dogs. As usual your spaniel follows his new playmates and you walk on, waiting for him to return to you once line of sight is lost, as he normally does. He takes his time and you call his name and use your audible dog whistle, but to no avail. This is unusual and worrying, so you walk quickly in the direction the group disappeared in and pass somebody else who tells you which path in the maze of the heath they took. Running now and frantically calling and whistling for your dog, you reach another intersection of several paths, but there is no sign of Couple A, their dogs or your spaniel. The light is fading and you are painfully conscious of the fast and busy road bordering the heath by the car park.What do you do next? Anna Figiel