Help - Can I re-set WEP code on my Netgear WiFi?

Dave TrevenaHaving finally received our furniture shipment (it's been very minimilist here for six weeks!) I was excited to unpack our old Netgear router (DSL Modem Internet Gateway DG814) and wireless box (54 Mbps Wireless Access Point WG602 v2) to replace the single network cable modem provided by QTel (the telco in Qatar).After plugging in, I refreshed the wireless networks and was surprised to find it come up as 'Trevena' secure network. When I clicked, it then requested a WEP code...After going through my old IT clip file I did finally came across a WEP code written down. However, I'm pretty certain that this was the code used for the Orange internet wireless service we adopted after retiring the Netgear. However, since it was the only WEP code I could find, I entered it. Long pause while computer searched for the network (it's sitting under the desk!) then said that I was connected, but with limited or no connectivity - in spite of showing a good signal (all the green bars). When I refreshed Firefox (my browser) it was obvious that I wasn't connected to the internet.My question is this: Based on my assumption is that I'm entering an incorrect WEP code, is it possible to re-set this?