How do we fit a pool cover to an odd shaped swimming pool to reduce our heating bills?

Odd shaped swimming pools makes the installation of a pool cover difficult, but necessary as a pool cover was one of our ten methods of reducing your heating bills by stopping evaporation and heat lost. In addition, on an indoor pool the addition cost of an Air Handling Unit to protect the building structure can also be reduced. One of the pool covers employed by PSP is the Heatsavr liquid pool cover. We have been installing this pool cover on all types of odd shaped and regular shaped pools for domestic, school and commercial customers and reducing their heating bills for the last 6 years.The liquid pool cover reduces the amount of water evaporation from the swimming pool when it's not in use by forming a liquid barrier across the water surface. The chemicals used are diluted when they are automatically dosed into the swimming pool and float to the surface of the pool and form a vapour barrier. The pool user will not be aware of the chemicals and when in use the chemical remixes with the swimming pool water and reforms the barrier once the bather has left the swimming pool and the water has settled. To get more information on the various pool covers we can install, maintain and repair, including the Heatsavr liquid cover, then please contact us with your requirements and contact details.