How do you optimize your social media accounts?

SocialOomph simplifies your social media management

Dear Ecademist,How do you optimize your social media accounts?Originally known as Tweet Later, enabling a cutting edge way of scheduling your tweets to post in the future, SocialOomph is a service, both free and paid, that offers great and useful productivity solutions for social media users. Among its many features are the ability to manage many accounts, post scheduling and blog integration. Many Internet marketers, also Martin Zwilling who has more than 446,000 followers on Twitter, are users of SocialOomph.In 3 Secrets of a Twitter Madman Eric T. Wagner, Forbes Contributor asked Martin how he get so many followers on Twitter? What is his secret? What strategy did he use to build his following?
"First, I proactively follow as many new people as I can every day - anyone whose profile looks like my target customer, or who talks about targeted subjects in their tweets. This can be done manually with Twitter, but I have also tested other tools, such as TweetAttacks. There are hundreds of tools out there, but the point is to find what works for you and do it on a daily basis."Second, I provide something of "value" to my followers on a daily basis. I provide up to six tweets daily, with pointers to the "best of the best" articles for entrepreneurs, which are my target customers. The idea is my follower can read my tweet stream and link to a useful, pre-filtered channel of information every day. If your channel is empty for even a few days, people stop following.To help me do this, I use the service SocialOomph: It automatically sends a welcome message to new followers, and it spreads the tweets out across the day — so they don't all come in a big clump."
What is your Twitter strategy? What tools do you use?

What do you think?

How do you optimize your social media accounts?Please feel free to comment!Have a great and happy weekend!Best,- Lucas

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