How much cloud computing do you need in 2011?

We are now firmly in the "cloud computing" age and most of us have at least some of our computing in the cloud.

  • So how much of your computing are you going to put into the cloud?
  • What is your target?
  • 100%? Do you want to have your computing life living in hyperspace so you can access it from anywhere at any time?
  • What questions will you need to ask cloud suppliers?
  • Who's cloud are you going to use?
  • Can the cloud meet 100% of your requirements? There are lot of questions and these are questions that I have been asking and solving in IT for over 20 years. The cloud gives IT professionals a massive opportunity to bring to bear their experience in a new arena made possible by the march to super-fast internet from all locations.During 2011 I will be looking at the new challenges that the cloud gives business, I will be looking at the ways to successfully implement a cloud strategy along the way we will have some fun looking at cloud failures and celebrate cloud successes. So how much cloud computing do you need?RegardsJulian Lewis - Julian@positivecomputing.comJulian Lewis is Managing Director of Positive Computing a supplier of IT support and consultancy based in Reading, Berkshire. Julian blogs on IT and how computing meets the needs of businesses in the SME sector.