How to Find a Job Using Instagram

How to Find a Job Using Instagram

It’s the age of social media, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Instagram can be used for far more than sharing pictures of your dog, your favorite recipe or your latest vacation.

With a little tact, you can use Instagram as an advantage in your job search. Not only is it a good way to establish your personal brand, but it also demonstrates a marketable skill (social media) and enhances your overall digital savvy.

Here’s a five step guide to using Instagram in your job search.

1. Consider Creating a New Account

If your Instagram account is full of “selfies” or photos from a wild weekend, then you should definitely consider creating a new account for a fresh social media start, if you want to use Instagram purposefully for job searching.

2. Establish Your Personal Brand

Identify how you want to market yourself and brainstorm how you might be able to use Instagram to help you job search. Obviously, this will be easier for some fields than for others.

It’s up to you to figure out how you can include Instagram in your job search. Be creative. With a little brainstorming, you might be able to come up with some innovative ways to utilise your account and enhance your job search portfolio.

3. Think “APP”ropriate

Whether you’re using Instagram or any other mobile app as a main pillar of your job search or simply maintaining a personal account, it’s important to be mindful of what you post. Here’s a quick guide:

A is for Appropriate: Unless your account is totally private, make sure everything you post is workplace appropriate. Don’t post anything that would embarrass you in an interview, or would embarrass anybody else.

P is for Professional: While a photo shoot of your cats wouldn’t necessarily be inappropriate, it’s not necessarily professional, either. That said, you can still have fun with your Instagram. Just make sure everything you post is relevant to your personal brand, if you’re starting an account specifically to enhance your job search.

P is for Public/Private: Be mindful of your privacy settings. Your Instagram should be public if you have created an account for your job search and you want to network with other like-minded professionals or connect with companies.

You can also keep your Instagram public if you’re confident that you can filter out anything that might paint you in a bad light. If you have a personal Instagram account, it’s okay to keep it public, and in fact, this can actually help your job search as employers like to see well-rounded, active, and engaged employees.

But, if you post photos you wouldn’t want your boss to see (or if anyone tags you in Instagram in these photos, using the “@” sign) then you should adjust your privacy settings in case a potential employer tries to search you before or after an interview.

4. Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags so that your photos show up in searches. You can also use Instagram to search popular tags in your own field. However, posting a photo with too many hashtags is an Instagram “faux-pas,” so limit your use of them so as not to become annoying to other users.

5. Follow Companies

You can stay updated with a company or a brand by following them on Instagram. Check out Nitrogram for a list of the top organisations on Instagram.


Good luck.