How to Protect Your Child From Abuse

Ask any parent about what worries them most in terms of protecting their child from abuse and most often the answer will be 'paedophiles', strangers, and abduction.In reality, child sexual abuse is as old as history and the biggest risks to children come not from strangers but from people who are close to them and trusted by children and parents alike. And it isn't just adults who might be a risk to them; older children and adolescents could also behave sexually abusively with small childrenAs someone who has been dealing with all forms of child abuse for over 30 years, and specialising in dealing with child sexual abuse for the past 20 years, Charles Fortt knows that these worries have reached the level they have, not because there has been a big increase in paedophilia and child abduction by strangers, but because we now know more about them and much more publicity is given to them.SAFEcic is pleased to provide 'How to Protect Your Child From Abuse', a free course from Charles Fortt covering who presents most risk, getting those risks in proportion and how to manage them. Charles also identifies nine key questions that you can ask yourself about your children to help identify whether they would recognise a high risk situation.Take this short course now by clicking here (no registration required).Discover more about SAFEcic Here