How to succeed in advertising by drawing willies on dirty vans!

Errr yes.. Quite a brilliant piece of advertising really....So, am I pulling your plonker?said Angus, remaining steadfastly on theme.Well, you'll need to make your own mind up, and to do that, please click on the video below. I'd appreciate some comments on the marketing.... target market, likely penetration, acceptability, risk, visibility, shock factor, message, effectiveness, awareness, and of course outcome!If you watch this... you could think about what you might want to write on a van, but perhaps, just might like to share it here on ecademy instead. It's part of what blogging's about. I'm pretty sure you'll find sympathy and empathy, and you certainly shouldn't be a 'model' blogger. Angus Whitton"The truth is always positive..... however unpalatable it seems!"