How to use Clary Sage essential oil safely and for health.

CLARY SAGE - salvia sclareaA sweet, nutty and green, herbaceous fragrance. It can lower high blood pressure, tone the nervous system and ease muscular aches and pains making it useful in bath melts and massage blends. It is very oriented towards the female reproductive system helping with menopausal problems and vaginal infections. It helps to dispel water retention.Skincare - It stimulates the blood circulation and regulates seborrhoea whilst being a very effective lymphatic cleanser - all good for skin care products. As part of a blend for eczema but not really for facial eczema.Haircare - It stimulates the blood circulation so may help in shampoos promoting hair regrowth especially when used with bio energiser. Suggested Blends - With lavender and rosemary for massage blends.Cautions - Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use when you have drunk alcohol and it can cause unpleasant side effects. Avoid if you have very low blood pressure.Mike HarmonNaturopath & Cosmetologist