I actually agree with @Lord_Sugar - apart from the networking quote!

In the Daily Telegraph today Lord Sugar in his usual charming way talks to small businesses about what it really takes to be successfulYou can read it HERE (or page 8 of the Business Section)He states that too many people actually lean on banks when they are insolvent rather than when they need business growth. He states that Banks cannot support business that fail because their sales are lower than their costs! If this is the case then there is something wrong with the business and that they need to either - address their marketing and sales methods or their costs! I agree with this. Running a business is not easy and cannot be run on passion alone, life-style businesses are great BUT you still need to be competent at business and make decisions that can be tough to make.He did state that it was a waste of time to go networking, and this is a shame as it shows a lack of awareness about the way networking can decrease costs, increase knowledge and help achieve sales... apart from that it is a good read, which I am pleased about, I usually dislike his thoughts!warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Ecademy Digital SchoolLearning, Networking and Business Development in the Digital AgeFollow @pennypower