I did not vote for Barack Obama, but... A fiscal conservative, social moderates perspective

I have never supported a candidate that received the Democratic Parties nomination for President since Jimmy Carter. In my own defense, I was naive and too young to vote. At the presidential level I have never voted for a democrat and this election was no exception. While I don't like political labels, if I had to wear one, I would call myself a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. I have been accused of being "conflicted' because despite my candidate losing, there was a large part of me that was happy that the US had elected someone that was not the standard white male (and was not Hillary Clinton). I was optimistic that we could put much of the race question behind us now that we had elected a Black President. I was now concerned that if he screwed it up his election could do more harm to the cause of racial equality.Why did I not vote for Obama. The answer is simple, he is too inexperienced, too liberal, and wanted to spend too much (how ironic), and I he wanted to pull out of Iraq too quickly.The big surprise to me is that I have not anticipated a change in administration as I have this one since Ronald Regan took the oath of office and that time my candidate won! So what has changed?

  • He is inexperienced, however the way he has handled himself and the building of his administration had done much to alleviate that concern
  • His rhetoric at least does not sound like a flaming liberal that his voting record suggested
  • He seems to be very willing to live up to his commitment to break this partisan war we have been in
  • He has greatly changed his statements about how he will handle the 2 conficts the US in embroiled in
The biggest concern, while he is going to spend more money that anyone could have imagined before the election, the circumstances have changed. These taxpayer monies are going to be spent to stimulate the economy, not by giving checks to consumers to be spent at Wal-Mart but that will benefit the long term competitiveness of the US.
  • Our antiquated electrical grid will be updated
  • Alternative fuels/Energy will be invested in
  • Green Technologies developed
  • Infrastructure repaired roads, bridges, levies etc will be repaired.
These are all initiatives that will put people back to work and with long term positive impact for the US and the world.So I am cautiously optimistic. I did not vote for him but Barack Obama is my President and he has my support. I don't want him to fail, I want him to be a fabulous success for many reasons. President Obama we Americans, Republican and Democrat alike, will be watching you very closely. Trust but verify is a smart credo. We are looking to you for leadership. The leadership that will inspire us to make the right changes. You campaigned on change but real change has to come from the grass roots, the coach does not win the game but he prepares his players to do so. Don't let us down and Good Luck and God Bless.