I woke up with a dream!!

A wise man once said "I have a dream" And I'm way to modest to claim my dream is as important. However I very much like to share it with you!Yesterday I had a long and intense phonecall with Thomas.He convinced me he is open for change!Now I have a dream about Ecademy and I hope many of you have simmilar dreams and want to share it with me.First let's have a look at what we have...If I look at social / business networks, This is what I see:Linkedin = huge, unpersonal and it is difficult to get in touch with new people. (the treshold to contact a complete stranger is high.)Facebook = Even bigger, you can contact anyone yet it has almost no business conversations whatsoever.Plaxo, = just boringHyves = just HollandXing = only for GermansEtc. Etc.Ecademy is functionally still the best platform I have seen, yet it can become much better if we chose to.At the moment the management team in the UK is spending it's time selling memberships as oposed to building a better network every day, Why is that?I'll answer in a few lines, but first let me say this:Clearly nu club, foundation, business or community can survive without an income stream.If I join any club, for bridge, swimming, dancing, no matter what everybody feels it is normal to pay a monthly membership fee.Now when I look at Social business networking all of a sudden everyone wants all sorts of services without paying a bean. Howcome?, Why? I think this is strange!If the uk management team would not have to worry about generating an income stream to pay for Servers, hosting, customer service, functional development etc etc. they could completely focus on servicing the membership, thinking of new and better functionality, etc. etc.(please keep on reading, I will get to the point soon!)If we could change the way Ecademy is managed, funded and exploited by both the members and the management, perhaps we can fulfill my dream!The Ecademy I would like to see roughly looks like this:The best social business platform in the world.The most commited members in the world who spread the cost of maintaining the system amongst each other. (perhaps by everybody paying at least € 15,00 euro per month) ( so maybe all at least updrade to powernetworker) The best social and business events organised all over the world by participating members.Constant improvement of functionality,Constant improvement of service.Constant imput from members on how to do better tomorrowEnough funding (income stream generated through membership fees and advertising) to fund constant functional development.Creation of a board of advisers selected by election to assist the management team on strategy and development ( the management will keep in charge)The creation of a board of supervisors to keep the management sharp and focussed)The creation of a creative team to think about What it will take to still be the best social business networking platform in the world in 5 years from now.And the contribution of everyone in this powerful network to become the best!( and now my questions to you all!!)I'm just a hard working entrepreneur in Holland with maybe a vision, maybe a large network, and maybe a very healthy business, but however Great I might think I am, Together we are much better!I'd like to challenge all members to think about the following questions:What could the management do to improve customer service?What could the management do to improve functionalityWhat could the management do to get better global coverage of the network?What could the management do to make Ecademy greener and more sustainable?How could the members help them fund all this?How could the members help them execute all this?How could the members inspire the intire membership to go for this scenario?How could the members inspire more new members to join in order to grow to be the most succesfull platform for both members and other stakeholders in the world?What other thought do you have to help us all become the best and most succesfull?I'm eager to create this dream?Are you eager too?Let's hear it dear friends!Oh and by the way, just to make shure there are no misperceptions.I'm not writing this to make another penny out of this not as a person, and not financially.I'm not writing this to get a brown arm with anyone.I'm not writing this to get more business ( I'm already busy managing and (co) owning 15 LTD's that are all trading quite profitably in the area of sustainability)I'm writing this because I want to be a member of a social business network where I can make friends all over the world.Maintain contact with all my friends.Can share knowledge and contacts with as many people as possibleCan inspire and get inspired by as many people possible!I look forward to your responses and actions!Kind regardsFred Rutgers Fred Rutgerswww.isotechniek.nlfred.rutgers@isotechniek.nl+31649436436Also check out my details on linkedin and xingP.S. let's get connected!If there is anything I can do for you, Just ask!