If Ecademy is connecting business people....

Do we all need to connect to more people to make it work better, or should Ecademy connect us to people automatically under certain criteria?I'm minded of Facebook which often asks me to pick people to mail with links to stuff I accept, sometimes I do that. Ecademy's different, of course, but when I like a Blog here I I always tweet it and sometimes I've had messages from people thanking me for the link and saying they've struck up a great conversation with the author - whom the didn't know before. Similarly I've had some great conversations with people who found my stuff through a like or a tweet.Wouldn't it be good if when I liked something Ecademy sent a message to some of my contacts who aren't connected to alert them to the blog that I liked directly (they may not be looking on twitter - or may not be a member there) Perhaps I could pick them, perhaps the system could just do it for 20 or 50 random people in my contact list?When I go to an event, wouldn't it be good if all the attendees were connected automatically, they'll be shaking hands at the event anyway, so why not help the electronic process along a bit?Connecting business people shouldn't be an aspiration - it should be part of what Ecademy does for being a subscribing member here shouldn't it? What other ways and triggers can you see for automatically connecting active participants here and helping relationships to start?

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