Imagine if you treated your customers as badly as @PayPal

So PayPal out of the blue has decided to keep thousands of pounds from one of our businesses.OK, as a business person I know that things happen and as somebody that knows banking I understand the problem of fraud and risk management, but......after a few months of trying to resolve the situation and being very co-operative I decided it is time to close the account and just use a merchant account provider, to which I am told they want to keep thousands of pounds of our businesses money for six months!When asked if I could speak to a decision maker or manager I am told that it is not possible and no decision maker or manager speaks to people on the phone.I have been a customer of theirs for years with no problems, have transacted hundreds of thousands of pounds and out of the blue they want to keep all our money.Not sure if they knew that I own a very big blog on the topic of banking, own a social network for banking, wrote a book on banking reform and have a very large social media presence in banking and am about to launch an alterative non-bank So thought this blog would help them a little...maybe...This blog is in pure frustration and hoping that PayPal will give the decency to at least speak with someone on our team or at least write an email from a human. Nothing yet.Anybody else had an experience like this?If you 'like' this blog above and share on twitter, it will tweet PayPal.If you comment we can get this to the first page of Google. All I want is to speak to a decision maker and ask if there is any way we could be treated as a customer. Is that too much to ask?After watching this video, it seems I am not alone.I even talked about how revolutionary PayPal is in my book 'Bank To The Future'. Perhaps time for a second draft. Share your PayPal experiences...Simon DixonCEO BankToTheFuture.comFounder of BenedixAuthor 'Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust' & 'Student To CEO: 97 Ways To Influence Your Way To The Top In Banking & Finance'