In a Crisis there is Opportunity

In a Crisis there is Opportunity

Do it now becasue tomorrow was yesterday

From my experience. Yes thats right Opportunity. Not a word used much in the press at all.

How many of you business owners are having a great time? an ok time? a bad time? I have met many owners who have a mix of them all but mostly positive. I avoid negativity and the press like the plague (inc Trolls). Why? Because if I read too much bad stuff it drags my mood and emotions down and stops me making the right decisions to grow.

Why? because everytime I want to do something that will potentially increase my sales and I read something about how we are imploding I stop! I know you do the same, so I avoid it and just carry on. I hang around like minded people and mix with success stories and along the way encourage everyone in business to micro segment, have a growth plan, use technology properly, create customers first and all the other things I do which actually work, its what I did and still do so its very real no theory. There are many many opportunities out there and I have already this year given several of my ideas away that people are now working on and setting up in business for free ! So keep your eyes open, ears back and look at your business and see where the opportunity is. If you have hit a wall, a block as many of us do mix with the right people and do not be afraid to ask their thoughts on your business (and I dont mean ask your bank manager or accountant)

Lyndon - CEO