In praise of @danielpriestley and his #KPIday product

(note KPI stands for Key Person of Influence in this context)The last week has been a frenzy of start-ups. The expression "if you can't find a job then create a job" has been flying around almost flippantly in an effort to comfort people who are unemployed, and in some way, for some people, it is a comfort and is the start of something extraordinary and wonderful in their lives.Over the last 15 years of being self-employed, sole trader and then a company, I have been through many personal journeys of discovery. Thankfully, I am a self starter and very driven. Learning to get myself out of bed and create a day ahead has never been a problem to me. My biggest journey has been discovering my own value to others, value that is congruent with my values and reason for being on this planet, and a value that is high enough for some people that I can exchange my knowledge and experience for money.Last year the statistics I heard by Mark Prisk at the #MADE festival was that 375,000 start-ups were created in the UK alone last year, across the world the number must be in the several millions. Millions of people building their profiles, creating their value, cornering their piece of the market.The level of failures will be enormous. Running your own business is a talent and not everyone intuitively can do it. Looking back, I would like to have had the mentors and coaches and friends that I now have when I was starting out.There are a large number of Ecademy members in and around London that are on fire, when I meet them they glow! They have an energy that is so confident, so structured and so attractive. They have identified what it is that is unique to them and they know how to communicate it.Now some of you will know where this is heading due to the title of my Blog! I am not writing this as a 'love-in', to Daniel and his team, I am writing this because I am coming across so many events and theories about 'how to create your niche', 'how to start a business', how to be an entrepreneur' and have attended some of them myself with people that I am helping. All of them have great theories, are very motivating, but none have the structure and the experts that Daniel has put together to help you become that 'key person of influence'.So, Daniel is a BlackStar, a strong, contributing member of Ecademy and a really good man, and it felt fitting to me to publicly praise him and also thank him, for all they are doing.Perhaps if you are now a KPI through Daniel and his team, you could add some words, there is nothing like praise to keep a team working hard, and oh boy they work hard.From me Daniel and your team, I am very proud to be associated with you all and thank you for what you are doing for the new sector of Entrepreneurs that are being born as we speak.warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Ecademy Digital SchoolHelping you build social capital in your business and lifeFollow @pennypowerI support:Digital Business Britain Manifesto