Internet Marketing - business or exploitation

Who got rich during the gold rush?A few miners, certainly. But the vast majority of those who made good money weren't the miners and prospectors; it was those in the middle of the supply chain, those who sold the picks and shovels and all the products the miners and prospectors needed!Is this an analogy for internet marketing? There are some people who have made serious money selling to the end user. However, it's interesting to me that most who have profited to the extent of making a full-time living have been those who've sold "how to courses" to internet marketing wannabes.I am starting to make money from showing traditional businesses how to increase their sales by using internet and social media marketing but it's taken a long time and a lot of effort; hence not being in here too often recently!So the question is: how good a business model is selling internet marketing/social media marketing services for the majority of people? And how many members of ecademy have seen their businesses grow as a result of internet marketing/social media marketing?Have a great weekendKind regardsNic

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