Is a footrest at your desk beneficial?

Not many people tend to use a footrest as they don't really see any benefit in them, a few points below to ponder....The majority of users for these tend to be shorter people as they are often recommended for people whose feet don't reach the floor when they are sitting at the correct height for the work surface, however they can be of benefit to people to taller people as well.Footrests get your feet moving for health and comfort and offer relief from prolonged, inactive sitting by encouraging gentle rocking of the feet. This gentle rocking motion keeps the legs and feet moving, improving circulation and preventing swelling.Most of the lower leg muscles are used and this promotes healthy circulation and also elevates the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back.Have you ever noticed that your feet swell up on a long haul flight? This is not due to the high altitude but rather due to "Inactive Sitting".What happens is that blood pools in the lower extremities and results in the feet swelling up.The way we sit on planes is a perfect example of "Inactive Sitting", the body and particularly the legs are confined in a small space.The only real opportunity to move is to get up and walk to the toilet, stretch in the aisle and maybe do some exercises in your seat.Office workers can have similar issues, as hours of sitting still can affect circulation.With a footrest, the user is encouraged to engage in "Active Sitting".It is recommended that you take two or three 30 - 60 second breaks each hour to allow your body to recover from repetitive stress.Richard CoombsMD Jabula Interior Projects(M) 07889365314http://www.jabulainteriorprojects.comCreating High Performance Working Environments!