Is business success dependent on I.T. expenditure ?

U.S. consultancy The Hackett Group believes so. Their study of 2,000 leading organisations has demonstrated a definite link between the amount of spent on I.T. and an organisation's overall performance.According to their study, world-class businesses (the top 25% in terms of efficiency and effectiveness) spend 10% more on their I.T. than average performing businesses. The study also showed that world-class businesses have made significant savings by simplifying I.T. systems, aligning I.T. work closely to business requirements and outsourcing non-core systems and were likely to have 29% fewer applications than their competitors for the same number of users.How they are achieving this ? "World-class I.T. executives are making major changes, building a smarter, more skilled workforce of managers and professionals that can deliver business value. They are finding ways to control and reduce spending," according to Scott Holland, a senior director of Hackett.So there you have it, all you need to do to become a world-class business is to spend more on I.T. and in particular on training. What could be simpler ?John Seaman 40% of I.T. projects are canceled every year. Only 28% are completed on time, on budget and to specification. Which category will your projects be in ? Smartsoft Computing for better, faster, smarter Oracle system design & development and trainingtel: +44 117 942 2508