Is the Emergence of Social Capitalism an Adaptation or a Threat?

The Emergence of Social Capitalism: Adaptation or Threat?

Dear Ecademist,In The Emergence of Social Capitalism: Adaptation or Threat? Haydn Shaughnessy, Forbes Contributor, who recently published a timeline of social business, shows in an infographic different ways that technology and marketing are now strongly associated with the idea of "social".

Social business and the growth of shared value

Get inspired by the infographic below:
Is there a new kind of capitalism evolving here, one that is not solely driven by markets and market regulation but instead is more of a socialised milieu, something we are not entirely clear about, but which seems to stand somewhere between socialism and capitalism?Perhaps a mixture between one country, two systems, that the Chinese have so successfully invented and where I asked in my blog What Does The Chinese Dream Mean to You? how this new social capitalism could look like.

What do you think?

Is the emergence of social capitalism an adaptation or a threat?Please feel free to comment!Have a great and happy weekend!Best,- Lucas

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