Is your activity on here co-dependent?

Do you find that your level of activity here depends on everyone else?Or do you comment, like and Tweet regardless of content? (Yes I know some do..)How much is your level of interaction determined by the titles and authors of the blogs on the front page?Because I know some days I come online and scan the front page, and my response is just "same old, same old" and I go away again. Nothing catches my eye that is new (I may have already read some of them). And I am more than happy to read and learn new stuff, find out about people I don't know.I am only going to read, comment, like, tweet a blog if it interests or inspires me or I can add something to it. (i'm excluding the banter here ;-))So some days, I don't do much.And I only write when I feel like it, I have no strategy - hence my blogs are a bit like buses!What do you think? Are we co-dependent?Are activity levels determined by what other members do? Or do you jump in regardless of interest levels?Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to be Authentic in Business