Jo Berry - Please Can You Help? Think of New York. Who Do You Know There?

Jo Berry's father was among 5 killed by the IRA bomb in Brighton on 12th October 1984. Despite the pain and the confusion following losing her father, within 3 days of that terrible event, she made up her mind to meet and forgive her father's killer. She and Pat Magee met when he was released under the Northern Ireland Peace Process. They now work together to promote peace and reconciliation. She has spent the last 12 years full-time as a peace worker, lobbying on behalf of those without a voice or power, and as an educator and peacemaker.Why am I telling you this?Jo has been invited by the United Nations to speak to them in New York. It's a great opportunity for her and I want to do my bit to support her in getting over to speak on the world stage about her experiences. I'm asking if you are happy to help, to get her story out to your network and try to connect her with potential buyers of her speaking services to fund her trip.In order to fund this, she would welcome introductions to companies and especially CSR Directors, or Deans or New York Colleges who might like to invite Jo to speak to their people or students while she is over.The UN are paying her expenses in New York but not her travel and there's no fee for her to speak. Bluntly Jo has to make a living and dedicating your life for the last 12 years to promoting peace is among the lowest paid occupations on the planet because everyone assumes you will speak for free (and Jo has done so for a very long time because she is very nice and doesn't want to let people down) so I was wondering if you could help because by recommending she contact people you know, or better still if you could facilitate the dialogue between your connections in New York and Jo directly by making a personal introduction, you may put her in touch with someone(s) who can provide her with the funding to speak at the UN. In 2009 Jo launched the charity Building Bridges for Peace with the aim of advancing 'the education of the public in the understanding of the roots of war, terrorism and violence, and to promote dialogue and mediation or other non-violent expedients as the means of peace in situations of conflict.' I've spent a lot of time speaking to Jo and she is the genuine article. Not fluffy and beatnik but practical and forgiving. It's humbling talking to her and I commend you all to search your networks for possible connections to help her in her cause.