Job Boards - Are they obsolete?

Job Boards - Are they obsolete?

We, TeslaDuo, think they are not!

Job Boards are more and more used by job seekers and are seen by them as more effective, with faster processes and delivering more than just market applicants to high volume clients. They are the Go-To resource:

  • 75% of job seekers are actively searching for or are open to a new opportunity. 2/3 rd among them are using Job Boards to find that opportunity
  • Of all Job Board hires made, 60% are made from jobs postings as opposed to resume research

Recruiters need to use a mix of online postings, job boards and social media to have the maximum reach. Indeed, talented candidates are the key to strategic HR and to build a successful business but they are hard to find. Recruiters therefore need to use the best mix of marketing channels in their online sourcing which necessarily includes Job Boards:

  • Online Recruiting: Responsible for 21% of external hires
  • Social Media: Accounts for 2.9 for external hire
  • Job Board postings: Accounts for 18% (1 in 6 external hire)

Job Board are proliferating:

  • 100K Job Boards
  • 40K Niche Boards/Microsites
  • $3-9 billion spent on job posting in the US per year

Typical recruitment advertising budget:

  • $250 is the typical job posting cost
  • $75,000 per year spent on online recruitment marketing (conservative estimate). Based on 100 postings a year & 3 Job Boards placements

And the statistics speak for themselves sometimes! :)

So, to be a smart marketer, you need to use data about WHERE WHEN and WHAT you post:

  • WHERE: Look at the data from the Job Boards you use to determine which ones are producing candidates you need
  • WHEN: Job Boards can provide data on the best times of day and best days of the week to post jobs
  • WHAT: Well-written job tittles and descriptions that convey the company's value proposition and culture



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"You need to have a collaborative hiring process!" - Steve Jobs, Apple