LeadCoaches Required - Its Starting

Next week I am looking for applicants to lead and coach cities around the world. I believe this was done before but to some degree fizzled out.I am seeking to re ignite gatherings and events with the purpose of growing Ecademy and adding to the noise we make around the world. A big challenge I know but a very worthwhile one to maintain and grow an offline presence as well as the online one.I will have an application site that you can complete which will provide more information. You will be asked to put your ideas for your area forward on how you would run and manage it and a selection process will begin. I want the absolute right people for this to do everyone justice.Here are a few requirements:1. You will be requirement to hold monthly gatherings and report on who attended2. You will be required to hold 1 event every two months (this would be a paid for event with possible keynote speakers r maybe just a dinner to chat) structure will be put around this3. You will coach Ecademy members in the use of the system and help them with queriesI want the LeadCoaches to be helpful to business owners and encourage new Ecademists.A financial reward mechanism is being built into the new platform for this role and will be well worth your while doing. This will be a 12 month post and members will vote you back in or not if you have done a great job or not. So between now and the new platform (approx 6 months) you have time to polish what you plan and activate regular gatherings on a fixed date each month.The target is 1000 cities.Lets grow Ecademy and get this moving ahead of a new platform.Feel free to comment and register your interest with me now by simply posting your name, country and region.Thank youLyndon